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About Carolina Wealth Partners

Carolina Wealth Partners is an independent wealth advising firm committed to constructing clients’ financial futures through strategic investing, mindful savings, and tax efficiency. We are located in Raleigh, North Carolina and have been serving clients since 2001. As in the best of trusted, personal relationships—the type where finances are a part of the equation—our advisors become their clients’ strongest advocates. The fundamental belief that we must always act in our clients’ best interest, even if it’s not in our own, permeates all aspects of our business. We adhere to the three key values of independence, education, and shared responsibility when serving our clients. In practice, this means that, as wealth advisors, we are strong proponents of the fiduciary role, dedicated educators who ensure our clients truly understand our investment recommendations, and willing collaborators who have a team mentality and enthusiastically serve our clients from this perspective.

We work with clients at all life stages and customize portfolios based on individual risk tolerance. Our areas of specialty include wealth advising, financial planning, investment management, retirement planning, insurance, divorce planning, and estate planning.

Our Approach

The main goals we set for all of our clients ensure that the process is thorough, educational and accountable.


Identify the “best fit/optimized” financial decisions based on personal goals and current financial situation


Provide education and insight to help remove the “unknown” aspect of finances, which help in regards to making informed financial decisions


Setting up an ongoing accountability program to help ensure the plan gets implemented in a successful manner (this requires time and will endure a few ups and downs)

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