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Making Sense of Complex Tax Matters

Income tax planning is the top concern clients present to our financial advisors.

The complex nature of tax matters sometimes prevents individuals from investing the time to clearly understand them. Our financial advisors review your assets, business formations, and personal income streams. The type of asset and its jurisdiction, such as owning property in multiple states, affect applicable taxes. Taxes also fluctuate based on the structure of a small business (limited liability company, corporation, etc.) and how the business operates.

Without routine income tax planning, it’s common for individuals to acquire assets or operate a business in inefficient ways. You might find yourself in another commonplace situation: Discovering a tax liability when it is too late.

When we develop an income tax plan as part of your financial plan, our advisors work with you in advance of the end of the tax year to prevent unintended consequences. These efforts allow ample time to properly title assets, amend business structures, and facilitate any necessary steps to maximize deductions and minimize your tax burden. Regular tax plan updates not only amount to annual savings, but a significant lifetime savings too.

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